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Key Activities
Execution of major hydro electric projects nationally

TICIL has successfully executed civil works for hydro electric projects of up to 2,400 MW capacity; with significant experience in associated structures like: underground caverns, tunnels, shafts, adits and intake structures.

Construction of buildings and high rise structures

TICIL constructed the following high rise RCC framed structures as per the specifications of THDC:

  • RCC 7 storied Station Control Building;
  • Transformer Hall;
  • Machine Hall; and
  • Compressor House.

Construction of roads

TICIL completed its first road, a length of 23 km, in the hilly terrain of Tehri, as per the specifications of the Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Limited ("THDC") and to the satisfaction of the Project Authorities.

In May 2008, TICIL entered into a Joint Venture ("JV) with Era Infrastructure PVt. Ltd. to construct turnkey highways for the National Highways Authority of India ("NHAI"). The JV company, West Haryana Highway Projects Pvt. Ltd, was formed to undertake the design, engineering, finance, construction, operation and maintenance of the Delhi Haryana border to Rohtak on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.

Project work is in progress and is expected to meet its scheduled commercial operation date fixed for Oct 2012.

Construction of underground rock caverns for storage of imported crude oil

SKE&C-KCT JV has undertaken the construction of underground rock caverns for the storage of 1.5 MMT of imported crude oil, at Mangalore.

The Ministry of Petroleum & Gas, the Government of India, set up a special purpose vehicle, the Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited ("ISPRL"), to implement, maintain and operate the strategic storage of crude oil. This storage is to provide the necessary energy security to the country, 5MMT of crude oil or the equivalent of 20 days of cover, during emergencies/ disruption of supplies.

The initiative comprised of three Projects at Mangalore, Padur and Visakhapatnam for the storage of 5MMT of crude oil which is expected to be completed by 2012.

Engineering investigation works

TICIL undertook engineer investigation works at Koteshwar Dam Site which was awarded by 'HYDROPROJECT' Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation.

The work involved:

  • the boring of exploration drift; a cross sectional area 6-9 sqm along a total length of 1,300m;
  • pit excavation of surface 5-15m deep;
  • diamond drilling with recovery of core at surface as well as underground in vertical, inclined and horizontal planes; and
  • permeability and other laboratory tests for soil, rock and concrete.

The Investigation Report was submitted in March 1994.

Landscaping and plot development

TICIL is qualified to undertake landscaping and plot development given its work for the New Tehri Township development which included land excavation and filling, periphery road construction and landscaping, as per the specifications of THDC and to the satisfaction of the Project Authorities.

Canal Project for Irrigation

To meet the growing demands for irrigation project TICIL has recently been awarded canal project in Gujarat for construction of Limbdi branch canal and distributaries works.

Thermal power projects

TICIL is qualified to undertake large size super thermal power projects given its expertise in constructing high rise R.C.C. framed structures.

Water and waste water treatment projects

The Division is targeting water and waste water treatment projects consequent to its expertise in execution of hydel power projects.