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Karam Chand Thapar & Brothers (Coal Sales) Limited ("KCT")

The Thapar Group has been closely associated with the production and distribution of coal since its inception in 1929. Pre-nationalisation, the various Group companies, such as United Collieries Ltd., Oriental Coal Company Ltd., Bhowra Kankanee Ltd., Tentulia Khas Company Ltd. etc., owned several coal mines across India, and were collectively considered the second largest producers of coal in the country. To better manage the sales and supplies of coal from the mines owned by various Group companies Karam Chand Thapar & Bros. (Coal Sales) Ltd. ("KCT") was established in 1943.

Today, KCT Coal Sales is the country's largest logistics company, supplying over 60 million tons of coal per annum through a network of 40 branch offices, on behalf of major coal consumers which include the State Electricity Boards and industrial consumers such as steel plants, paper mills and sugar mills. Additionally, KCT's coal handling activities requires it to have a significant interface with the Indian Railways and all the country's major ports.


Thapar Intrafor Company of India Limited ("TICIL" or "Division")

In 1954, KCT formed a JV with Intrafor Cofor of France, called Thapar Intrafor Cofor India Limited, for developing deep mines.

The knowledge, expertise and experience acquired in the coal mining industry, supplemented by sophisticated technology from Intrafor Cofor of France made TICIL an acknowledged leader not only in mining but also in hydro-projects that use similar underground methods of tunnelling and construction. In 1983, this JV Company was merged with KCT and emerged as the construction arm of the Company specialising in underground works.

Over the past 36 years, TICIL has undertaken major shaft-sinking works and has executed numerous hydroelectric projects. In the field of hydropower, TICIL has emerged as one of the premier construction agencies successfully completing several major projects of National importance in India.



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